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Covid-19 Update

***Unfortunately due to the international nature of our business and our technical partners location in Italy, MyTuner units are going in and out of back order status. AlienTech is working at their capacity to fill our extreme demand. We appreciate your patience and understanding in these times. All purchases are fulfilled in the order they are received.***

MyTuner: Text


Personal ECU Flasher

MyTuner: Features

MyTuner - Personal Flasher

MyTuner is a hand held, touch screen portal into your cars ECU. Now you can take control of one of the most misunderstood aspects of tuning and modification.

Car Dashboard

Now You Are in Control

MyTuner gives you the ability to read and write your ECU as much as you want, when you want and why you want. No appointments and visits to the shop. No being locked to one file or stage or modification path. 24 hour access to your files and a databank of others to try or use without extra costs and retunes. You can even unlink from one car and move to another, anytime.

With MyTuner you may also upload your own self created tunes (binary files) or those from another tuning firm. This gives you endless flexibility and control.

MyTuner: Product Slider

MyTuner Support Files

MyTuner Manager & Instructions

Important Info and Function

This is your MyTuner Manager Software for use with updating your MyTuner unit with ModFiles, firmware updates, personalized updates and capabilities.
-Please review and keep the MyTuner Instructions-
.Doc / .TXT / .PDF
Google Drive Folder

MyTuner Vehicle List - 7.3mb

Key Facts

Full list of every vehicle that VLMspec can create a MyTuner flashing solution for. Our partners in Italy are constantly adding new platforms.
Right Click / Save As

MyTuner: Files
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