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MyTuner for new customer and calibration of a Gen 1 R8 V8 dual ECU Med9 application. Applicable to 4.2 FSI engine swaps with other chassis that retain the Med9 ECUs.


Flash your car, whenever you want, where ever you want. No computer or internet connection required. Touch Screen and easy to use.



MyTuner hand held unit

usb to computer cable

MyTuner to OBD cable

MyTuner Manager Software

File access for 1 Vin/Car/ECU

Full VLMspec ModFiles databas access

Custom revision cycle with VLMspec calibrator


Available for all levels of modifications. VLMspec is a leader in extreme horsepower, stock ecu Audi 4.2 calibration. We can offer custom coding if your vehicle has forced induction which is stage 3 and beyond (ALPHA). If you are not familiar with our offerings or what we can do for you please email your vehicle info to


With MyTuner you may also upload your own self created tunes (binary files) or those from another tuning firm. This gives you endless flexibility and control.

MyTuner R8 V8

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