About Van Leuven Motorsport Specialties

As a provider in the industry since 2004, VLMspec has a wealth of knowledge and experience extracting the maximum potential from your vehicle with quality hardware and component upgrades. Additionally we are a provider of digital control unit calibrations to provide a seamless relationship on today's sophisticated systems.

We possess OEM level development capabilities through technical partners and equipment. VLMspec has direct access plus tuning experience on all systems for dirt, tarmac, snow and ice. We offer customization of any vehicle hardware component as well as ECU and other control system programming to take full advantage of modifications.

Our founder, Jared Van Leuven, started in-depth vehicle modifications in the 90s and grew into working with race teams and product development in the 2000s. As technology changed and needs for clients expanded software calibration became a large focus in 2009 and VLMspec became a custom solution provider for OEM ECU units after many years calibrating stand-alone and Motorsports control systems.

We offer one off component and ECU production as well as products we use and trust from:

Cosworth, Prodrive, Tial, Cobb

Aviva Instruments, Forced Performance, Aeroquip

Bosch MS, Öhlins, Penske

Alcon, Brembo, Rays

Rotiform, Motul, Redline

& many more

VLMspec offers TIG and MIG welding of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and mild steel.


Have questions? We have answers

Frequently Asked Questions & Policy

At VLMspec we want you to have an enjoyable and easy shopping experience from start to finish. To that end, we’ve compiled a FAQ list below which covers all of our most common questions - take a look! If there is something we’ve missed however, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.


Can I return purchases?

-Any and all purchases are subject to a 20% returned goods fee.
-Special order parts are non-refundable.
-Custom fabricated parts are non-refundable.
-Software sales are refundable for 180 days unless the vehicle has been flashed or files have been transferred to the customer.
-Labor is non-refundable.

What if I am not satisfied with my tune after driving?

VLMspec works diligently to optimize every vehicle we calibrate. We offer unlimited revisions on a given hardware set. Often times a vehicle exhibiting issues will have a hardware malfunction. We will assist you with diagnosing these issues. For over a decade we have never had a vehicle we could not calibrate properly, even when working around major hardware issues. We will take the time with you that many other calibrators will not.

Where are you products available?

We can supply parts and software to anyone worldwide via international shipping. All of our products and services are available at our Truckee, CA location. Additionally we have dealers who can flash your ECU or assist with sourcing our parts in these areas:

Seattle, Portland, SF Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Reno, Salt Lake City, Denver, Dallas/ Ft. Worth, Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, Des Moines, Atlanta, Charlotte, NJ, NY, Burlington and Miami.
International: Vancouver, Toronto, Moscow and Bucharest

How can I work for VLMspec or become a dealer?

We are always interested to hear from individuals or shops interested in working with our team. Flashing dealers are in high demand for our expanding platform coverage. We are always looking for quality partners so don't hesitate to inquire.

***As of August 2016 VLMspec is actively seeking to add another master level technician and software engineer or calibrator to the team.


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