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-Self Tuning hardware, software, map definitions and guidance-

-Everything needed

-Non Proprietary Software and Equipment

-Tech support

-Log review

-Optional onsite training

-Optional expansion


Learn To Tune or Expand Your Tuning Capabilities

For those interested in taking over their ECU tuning fully, for themselves or even numerous vehicles, VLMspec can assist you. Available on our well supported platforms.


Included for all levels:

-Flashing hardware for your vehicle to read/write, in either master or slave unit form

-Map editing software with clearly defined maps including descriptions of how to use them

-File Checksum service by VLMspec

-Tech Support

-Base files for you application



-Slave tool allows flashing of one vehicle type

-Master tool allows flashing of many vehicles

-Produced by our hardware partners in Italy, AlienTech

-Safe and secure data transfers with recovery capabilities

-Tools can be upgraded, expanded and used outside of VLMspec control



-Low level is for the general tuner or hobbyist and free. It will keep you focused on every parameter that is normal to edit in order to tune your car from stock to fully built.

-High level, for the shops, engineers and developer level customers looking for access into the less common areas. Useful for implementation of custom coding, sensor replacements, etc.

-Industry standard software platforms allow actual learning and expansion of abilities.



-Limited, these will give you full access to tune your car while remaining safe from damaging critical ecu areas. These map packs are clear and concise, allowing you to work through the critical areas of engine calibration.

-Full, these expand upon the limited giving you 100% access into the ecu. This is a good option for developers or customers doing non standard projects. *only available in conjunction with High Level Software

-User Editable

-Non proprietary formats


-Live sessions


-Suggestions for power, economy, racing, etc

-Onsite available

-Tech Support

-Full Calibration Services

-One on one assisted tuning sessions


Please email or the lead calibrator for more info or with any questions you have.


Self Tuning Packages

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