Able to support over 1000hp and the most intense ambient conditions in order to provide you with maximum cooling for your charge air from the turbo.


This intercooler was designed and produced in the USA. The end tanks are made on a 5 axis cnc mill and start from a 24lb 6061 billet and end up at 1lb!


This unit will fit behind the oem crash bar and is a direct bolt on, no cutting or irreversible work is needed on your car.


The core is produced for us by CSF to these specifications:

24" x 11" x 3.8" = 

264 inches frontal surface area

1003 cubic inches volume  

16440 cubic cm volume


Custom Cerakote colors are available on a per-order basis.

VLMspec Audi 8v.2 RS3 / TTRS Intercooler