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-Gen 2 EA825 4.0t engine ECU Flash-


This modern 4.0 liter twin turbo V8 engine is amazing as is from the factory within the select vehicles equiped with it. Upon utilizing our ECU mapping, it's full potential is unlocked.


On average customers see gains of 110-125 wheel horsepower and 180-195 wheel torque with just our Stage 1 level calibrations, using 91 octane fuel. With 92 or 93 octane if available in your area you will see even more significant gains.


On e40 through e85 blended ethanol fuels you will see upwards of 60 more HP and 75 more FT LB of TQ. With no hardware modifications you can turn these already capable vehicles into refined modern day German muscle cars. Pair the ECU modification with our TCU calibration to alter your tranmission shift points, launch speed or style, shift speed, manual mode gear locking and clutch pressure for the ultimate experience.


-Supported Vehicles-








Beyond our Stage 1 ECU programming there are options for more power with additional hardware changes on the vehicle. Stage 2 requires the use of higher flowing intake and exhaust components, stage 3 requires the use of larger turbos, intercooling system upgrades and fueling system upgrades. VLMspec has full access and control of the OEM MG1 ECU, unlike many others we create our own calibrations 100% in house and have a deep understanding of the Motronic ECU. This is what allows us to offer custom tailored solutions and be willing to give revisions based off data logs to suit client needs. We even let customers see what we change and are happy to explain why on every aspect of our files.


Customers who wish to purchase our ECU or TCU mapping of any level are welcome to visit our facility or any VLMspec dealer, the process takes under 30 minutes and is free of labor charges. If you wish to flash at home, you will need a laptop or tablet and a VLMspec FlashWire+ cable, available here.  Alternatively you can flash with the DEADBEEF flashing suite, which is availble here. To use the DBF1 flasher you will need an ENET cable which is available here.

Audi EA825 4.0t TFSI Gen 2 ECU Flash

  • All orders not being paid for with Affirm will have an invoice generated by VLMspec for the customer upon review that can be paid by Check, Card, Venmo, Zelle ACH transfer or Wire. This ensures order accuracy before payment is made. Select Manual Payment at checkout if you do not wish to use Affirm and to be invoiced instead.

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