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The DAZA (and now DNWA too!) DS1 product comes after the roaring success of their 4.0T product. They have incorporated all the same features, however they do not have OTS maps beyond stage 2.  VLMspec offers custom mapping for this product and any combination of hardware.


VLMspec Custom Tuning support available here 

Flex Fuel/ ECA Kit available in combo or separately here.


They have things like real flex fuel with a sensor, displays of ethanol content, full range boost, knock and fuel pressures on the virtual cockpit power and torque gauges, 10 way map switching with custom feature of rolling anti lag using ignition retard, the fastest datalogging of any OEM ECU with huge numbers of useful items you cannot even see on other loggers. Adjustable launch control, knock display, gauges in the browser. Flashing in 30 seconds to change map, full flashes 3-4 minutes. All wirelessly and safely so that you can even turn off the phone, tablet or computer you started the flash with and it will still complete. You can even tune the entire ECU whilst the engine is running and even have your tuner do it remotely. So instead of taking minutes or hours to make a single change you can finally properly fine tune things whilst seeing the results immediately on a fast live graphing datalogger. As a company, they have moved away from canned and closed tunes. Customers or tuners new or old can adapt to the platform, or they can merge their existing strategies with Dyno Spectrum's or VLMspec's and enhance their work greatly without needing a standalone ECU.


  • Ultra fast vehicle reprogramming
  • Uses browser over WiFi
  • Works with multiple devices
  • High speed datalogging
  • Realtime tuning
  • E85 flex fuel
  • Includes all off the shelf maps


Your DS1 purchase includes staged maps that cover upgrades up to Stage 2 with catalyst in place. Anything beyond that and you will want to select a Custom Tuning option above or have a plan for it, it can also be added at a later date.


Please find the user manuals and map notes on the 'Getting Started' page of the DS website for more product information.


*** If you are currently a VLMspec RS3 or TTRS customer in possesion of  MyTuner flash tool wanting to make the change to the DS1, we are offering an exchange program to trade in your MyTuner for a partial credit towards your DS1 purchase. You are also entitled to 50% off custom tuning services on the DS1. While the systems are very different and you will be getting all new files, this is to encourage the change to the better hardware and service Dyno Spectrum provides mutual customers compared to Alien Tech.


The MyTuner and the DS1 can also be used in conjuction, even though its redundant. Please email for a coupon code as a prior customer.****


Dyno Spectrum DS1 for RS3 and TTRS Flex Fuel

  • All orders not being paid for with Affirm will have an invoice generated by VLMspec for the customer upon review that can be paid by Check, Card, Venmo, Zelle ACH transfer or Wire. This ensures order accuracy before payment is made. Select Manual Payment at checkout if you do not wish to use Affirm and to be invoiced instead.

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