-VLMspec RS3 / TTRS Stage 2/3 Plus+ Combo- 

Do you want to be algebraically positive of, or factory spec?


Score huge savings by bundling product together here for stage 2 and 3 packages on your 8v2 RS3 or TTRS. The more complete of a package you buy, the more you save, about $1000 on a full build.  If you don't see exactly what you want availble, drop us a message and we will configure a combo that suits you.


With a full combo, your RS3 or TTRS will be deep, deep into the 10s with 9s being a possibility depending on your overall setup, even stock turbo.


-MyTuner ECU / TCU Tuning:



-Street version DownPipe (A catless or high flow catalyst DP is required for stage 2 tuning) "DP":



-Raw Billet Front Mount Intercooler "IC":



-Throttle Body Inlet "TBI":



-Injectors (recommended for running max boost on e85) "INJ":


VLMspec RS3 / TTRS Plus+ Combos

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