Here at VLMspec we have special and extra regard for our furry and fluffy non human co-inhabitants of this planet (all creatures actually!)


Quattro - Rupert - Sterling - Kilo

To Honor the VLMspec Shop Dogs who have kept things fun and secure for the last 15 years we are partnering with the Humane Society of Truckee Tahoe. We believe adopting a rescue is the best thing you can do when considering a pet.


The four VLMdogs have all been rescued from shelters. 100% of proceeds for every Digital download or product on this page is a donation. We will also be matching donations in connection with our annual effort to give back.

*All participants will also recieve an exclusive coupon code, of significant discount, for any VLMspec product.


Quattro - He was a Belgian Malinois / Australian Shepherd mix. Adopted in Washington state, our founding year of 2004. He was the original shop dog and had a reputation for wild antics and loyalty. From stopping break ins and fighting bears to helping foster pups and greeting customers with a firm staring contest he was #1. The El Padrino of VLMspec Shop Dogs. Named after the Audi he was brought home in. Quattro understood commands and requests in both English and German. RIP Quattro Sir


Rupert - He was an Australian Cattle Dog / Boxer / Pit Bull Terrier mix. Adopted in 2007 from central California, as VLMspec got heavily into the race car world. He was everyone's best friend. He was the gentle soul and protector that a book could be written about. Customers would often bring their kids around, specifically to meet Roo (as everyone called him) and many people tried to find ways to have their dog trained by him (some did). He caught every ball, every Frisbee and every stick. His name stemmed from his bouncy Aussie puppy verticle leap behavior (kangaroo) and his noble demeanor the rest of the time. RIP Rupert


Sterling Ulrich - He is a Belgian Malinois / Treeing Walker Coon Hound mix and the mighty runt of his litter at 73lbs and 4 years old. Adopted in in the Reno/Tahoe area in 2015 while VLMspec was expanding its tuning facility in Truckee, CA. Sterling is a highly capable, super intelligent service dog who helped his master, our founder, learn to walk again after a spinal cord injury. He is the stereotypical protector and the not so typical perfectly obedient four legged citizen that is right at home anywhere. From off leash in cities and at events to climbing mountains or going to meetings. Sterling does it all. His name means Genuine Ruler of the Wolves and we think it fits.


Kilo - He is the newest VLMdog and a pure Siberian Husky. Adopted from HSTT in 2018 after a circumstantial meeting. Kilo is from south Florida, smuggled there from an unkown origin, under mysterious circumstances that will likely never be known. What we do know is that at around 7 months old his master was a long haul truck driver. They were hauling dog food (40,000 lbs or 18,143 Kilo of it) and unfortunately they rolled the semi truck and trailer into the river near our home. They both survived and decided a change was due for the pup. Kilo traded in Semi Trucks for Race cars. He is 2.5 and has all the energy needed to run a small city. He hangs out next to the shop and tries to help work on cars too. He is named after... well, look at him, then think about his story... All we know is we love him.


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HSTT - Humane Society Of Truckee Tahoe

10961 Stevens Lane, Truckee CA 96161

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