Custom Calibration from the lead calibrator, Jared Van Leuven, done in person or remotely/by dealer for any Daza powered Audi TTRS


Extensively tested and calibrated for the new me17.1.62 ecu on our in house shop cars and beta customers for over 100K street use miles from sea level to 14k feet and 115F down to -25F on 91, 92, 93 octane, e85, e60, e40, e20 and e10 as well as 104 unleaded.


Stage 1 runs 10.8 @ 127 on 91 octane in the 1/4 mile.



Customized file, to any level you want for any modification you want, custom code routines available.

Full VLMspec ModFiles databas access to all Stage 1 and 2 or your custom files.

Custom revision cycle with VLMspec calibrator to personalize your tuning, unlimited revisions.


Custom Tuning - TTRS Daza


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